First of all, let me begin with what I saw today. I was walking down the road just to change my mood and relax my nerves a few minutes ago. I was completely mesmerized by what I saw. Someone came from the opposite side and gave the rickshaw puller, who was sleeping on his rickshaw, some food to eat. I was not shocked to see that because in India, some people don’t like to waste the food and when some food is left they gave it to the needy. I feel it’s a good thing to do for those people who want to help others but couldn’t because their financial conditions don’t allow them to do it. In order make the ends meet, they can’t do what they really want to do.

Anyways, this story is not about the person who gave the food to the rickshaw puller this is about the rickshaw puller himself. He received the food and thanked the person who gave it to him, when that person is gone, he looked around and saw another rickshaw puller sleeping just like him. He, with the food in his one hand, approached the sleeping fellow, wake him up and asked him if he was hungry. The other man replied in the affirmative. He then offered him half of the food given to him and came back and started eating his share in silence.

When he was done, as he didn’t have much left for himself, I approached him and asked him, “Weren’t you hungry, pal?”
“I was… I haven’t had anything from the morning” he replied.
I then asked him again, “Is he your friend? You guys always share food with each other.”
To which he replied, “He just came in this town a few days back and never knew anyone here.”
“I know why are you asking all these questions from me? You want to know why I gave him the food,” he added.
Well, I was curious to know why??
He then said, “I don’t know that he too was hungry, I asked him and he said yes so I shared the food with him. He was here before me. It’s his spot to pick up the travelers in this locality. I am new here. If I hadn’t been here today that guy would have given the food to him. I accepted the help because I was hungry and I just thought he would be hungry too.”

I was astounded by the answer. I had no reply. I was in tears, but I tried not to show him, I shook hands with the man with some sort of pride in his actions and moved on thinking about the lesson I just learned from him. He taught me a lesson today. I had everything I can dream of yet I don’t share it with my own family, but that rickshaw puller who had so little to offer and he didn’t think once before sharing it with others.

I will write more about kindness tomorrow….
Here is the link to the new article: Why should I be Kind to Others??

Jai Hind 🇮🇳

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