Job Profile of Assistant Section Officer (MEA)

Howdy Readers,

This is the post with job profile of Assistant Section Officer (MEA)

Basically, I will be writing about pros and cons of that particular post. These pros and cons will help you decide for yourself if you want that post or not.

I will not be making anything up. Before my DV I talked to some of the people working on these posts. They told me the things I have written here.

Assistant Section Officer (MEA)

Post Code E
Grade Pay 4600
Vacancies Few
Posting Location Delhi and High Chances of Foreign posting
Type of Work Administration work: typing, compiling reports, emailing, calling, updating about events, maintaining the files etc.
Amount of work 5/10
Salary(After 7th Pay Commission) X City – Around 51k (Delhi)
Y City – Around 46k
Z City – Around 42-43k
Pros ·        High Standard of Living

·        Higher Salary

·        Fully Furnished Accommodation in Foreign Posting

·        Official Passport

Promotion Slow
Transfers Abroad
Department MEA
Promotion Order 1.      S.O.

2.      Under Secretary

3.      Deputy Director/Secretory

4.      Director Level


Hope it Helps. 😊

Jai Hind 🇮🇳


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