I am writing this post to impart the knowledge I have on various posts of Group B and C for which SSC conduct the exam. I have talked to various persons working on these posts. I gave the SSC CGL 2016 in which I scored 168/200 in preliminary examination and 319/400 in mains examination (Maths-171 and English-148) Though I was expecting more in maths paper, but itโ€™s okay now and I have 990 AIR (Unofficial) for Tier 1 and Tier 2.
We had to fill the post preference again during DV so I asked various persons about their experience of working on that particular post.
The first thing all of them said is that the post preference only depends on your goals and requirements. So choose accordingly.
I am giving sample Post preference after contemplating on the various aspects and parameters.
The parameters I looked for while making my Post Preference are:

  1. Type of Work
  2. Amount of work
  3. Salary and benefits
  4. Promotions
  5. Posting
  6. Transfers
  7. Desk/Field job
  8. Department

First, I am writing the ideal post preference you should think about putting:

  1. F โ€“ Assistant Audit Officer
  2. $ – Assistant Accounts Officer
  3. J โ€“ Income Tax Inspector
  4. M โ€“ Inspector (Examiner)
  5. L โ€“ Inspector (PO)
  6. N โ€“ Assistant Enforcement Officer (ED)
  7. E โ€“ ASO (MEA)
  8. D โ€“ ASO (Railways)
  9. A โ€“ ASO (CSS)
  10. G โ€“ ASO (AFHQ)
  11. K โ€“ Inspector (C. Ex.)
  12. O โ€“ Sub Inspector (CBI)
  13. S โ€“ Inspector (CBN)
  14. C โ€“ ASO (IB)
  15. H โ€“ Assistant (Other Minisry-4600 GP)
  16. Q โ€“ Divisional Accountant
  17. % – SI (NIA)
  18. # – SI (CBN)
  19. R โ€“ JSO (Statistical Investigator)
  20. P โ€“ Inspector of Posts
  21. U โ€“ Auditor (CGDA)
  22. T โ€“ Auditor (CAG)
  23. V โ€“ Auditor (Other Ministry)
  24. W โ€“ Accountant/JA (CAG)
  25. X – Accountant/JA (Other Ministry)
  26. Z โ€“ TA (CBDT)
  27. @ – TA (CBEC)

Now the second list is for those people who want to only prepare for UPSC after selection:

  1. E โ€“ ASO (MEA)
  2. D โ€“ ASO (Railways)
  3. A โ€“ ASO (CSS)
  4. G โ€“ ASO (AFHQ)
  5. N โ€“ Assistant Enforcement Officer (ED)
  6. J โ€“ Income Tax Inspector
  7. Q โ€“ Divisional Accountant
  8. C โ€“ ASO (IB)
  9. H โ€“ Assistant (Other Minisry-4600 GP)
  10. U โ€“ Auditor (CGDA)
  11. T โ€“ Auditor (CAG)
  12. V โ€“ Auditor (Other Ministry)
  13. W โ€“ Accountant/JA (CAG)
  14. X – Accountant/JA (Other Ministry)
  15. Z โ€“ TA (CBDT)
  16. @ – TA (CBEC)

The Third list is my list which I gave during my DV:

  1. E โ€“ MEA
  2. N โ€“ AEO (ED)
  3. J – ITI
  4. A – CSS
  5. D โ€“ Railways
  6. B – CVC
  7. G โ€“ AFHQ
  8. H โ€“ Other Ministry (4600)
  9. Q – DA
  10. M ยญ- Examiner
  11. L – PO
  12. K โ€“ C Ex
  13. S – CBN
  14. I โ€“ Other Ministry (4200)
  15. % – NIA
  16. U โ€“ Auditor (CGDA)
  17. V โ€“ Auditor (CGA)
  18. T โ€“ Auditor (CAG)
  19. X โ€“ Accountant
  20. W โ€“ Accountant (CAG)
  21. Z โ€“ TA (CBDT)
  22. @ – TA (CBEC)
  23. Y โ€“ UDC

In the end, I just want to say that it’s your choice choose wisely.

Jai Hind ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

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