Today I will be writing another discussion with my believer friend.
Without wasting much of your time I should start writing:

He was telling me that to experience God, I first have to believe in him. He said you can’t see GOD without believing in him.

My Reply:
First of all, why are you saying that it’s a HE? Why not SHE or IT?

Now about what you said, I will answer that with an example:
There are a lot of things which we can’t see, but there are other senses also…
Like we cannot see air, but we can feel it. Air contains Oxygen we cannot see it either, but we can test it and we can even find out how much percentage of which gas is there in the air.

To which he said, “We knew oxygen is there… That’s why we tested it.”

Well, Well, Well My friend…

Let’s look at another example: We go to another planet, we don’t know anything about the composition of its atmosphere. We take the sample of it and then tested it. After that, we know most of the things about its composition. I am not saying everything because I cannot say that. Why would I say that? It’s next to impossible to cover every aspect and everything.

But, coming to the topic…
You are saying I have to have faith or believe first that it/she/he exists…
1. I can never do that…
2. If you want me to do that first bring the slightest proof that he exists.

Just like what you are saying, I can also say that dinosaurs are still roaming on this earth or that superman is real, but if you can’t believe in them you can’t see them or even feel them around you.

I was reading a research paper the other day, in that it was written that your mind can work in any way you want it to. If you first believe, then want to see you will see it, but it would be hallucinating. And hallucinations are not real.

I will also see superman one day if I started to believe that it exists. That’s how the mind works. Just like Rancho said in 3 idiots, “Your mind can be easily fooled, just say to yourself that ‘All is Well’, it will believe that everything is indeed well.”

So, think for yourself what you want to believe. Don’t fool your mind to believe in something which doesn’t exist and even if it exist it doesn’t care enough about you.

P.S. I don’t want you to believe in me. I just want people to think for themselves. Every single person is strong enough to solve his/her problems. So, rather than believing in someone else, something else; first believe in yourself. Because you and only you can bring yourself out of that situation.


Jai Hind🇮🇳


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