In life, time and again you will find yourself in the situation in which you will feel stuck between the devil and the deep sea. This article will help you at that particular moment. At that time everything seems far and you can’t think of anything to get yourself out of the situation. At that time, what you need to do is just take a few seconds of calmness, think clearly and then take the leap of faith with the faith in your dream. Because you are what your dream is, you are what you want to be. Think about that for a moment.

To achieve that something you have always cherished in your lived life to do in your life to come, you only have one option ahead of you. What you have to do is create your space, turn your ship in the direction you want it to go. Fight those tides, those adverse conditions and most importantly your emotions. Most of the people during the time of making their own way, go with the flow. But they didn’t realize that the flow is not going where you want to go. The flow will move you towards a more difficult direction and from that direction, your destination will seem farther than it ever was.

Never ever listen to others, sometimes not even your elders or the most experienced ones, if you don’t feel like it. Take the wisdom from them, utilize their knowledge and listen to their experience, but you don’t have to follow their experience. Because they and you are different and they don’t realize that now, they will once you show them. To succeed, you have to have your experiences. You have to have your own share of failures and disappointments. You have to learn things yourself. Figure out yourself what can you do more and what more is needed to reach the ultimate goal you are trying to achieve. That’s the best way and that’s the only way.

Make your own destiny. Only you can. Nobody else is going to move your ship, but you. You have to understand what works for you and what doesn’t. What I am trying to say is that we all have something special in us, we just have to find it, we just have to realize it.

And how will we find it?? By believing in ourselves and when you do, just follow your gut wherever it takes you. And trust me on this, it will not lead you to nowhere, it also needs food so it will never let you sleep hungry.

“We were born liberated, don’t put yourself in shackles now.”

Just make the jump, take the leap and do something for yourself different from others. Mark my words, you will be successful one day and happiness will always be there during the process and after. You just have to do what you desire the most. And you can do just by moving in the different direction and just by realizing your true inner passion.

Jai Hind 🇮🇳

7 thoughts on “Take the Leap for Future.

  1. I only don’t know agree on the point of not listening to the suggestions of the elders. Though path may be different but yes as you correctly said their experience do matters and they are our first steps in the ladder of success!!

    Wonderful post!!! 👍

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    1. I am not saying to disresprespect them
      I can never do that
      I always meet people with respect and gratitude
      I am only saying that if you really think that they are not right this time then follow your heart
      There are so many examples I hear around me that someone didn’t listen to the advice given by their parents and he did well in life
      By doing well I mean succeed and achieve his/her goal
      And after reaching that point the elders realise themselves that their son/daughter was right
      Because they couldn’t see before what they were seeing now
      And they couldn’t see before what their son/daughter was able to see
      And listening to your heart and gut works most of the times
      Brain play these kinds of tricks most of the time because it didn’t want to do the extra work
      Because when you follow your heart your brain always say the oh! No… Not again…
      Because it always want to be in the comfort zone. It liked the warmth of that balnket and softness of your couch.

      I think I have written a new post here.
      I will refine it add this on my blog soon.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

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