I don’t want to believe in one Idea.

I don’t want to believe in one Idea.

The idea which is supposed to be the only truth
The idea which seems to revolve the earth

The idea which people use to explain all the stuff
The idea which is bizarre enough to be called a bluff

The idea which inhibits the fear in you
The idea which don’t let you to be you

The idea which promise you some sort of salvation
The idea which doesn’t solve but complicate the situation

The idea which threatens you to do different things
The idea which cut away before you can spread your wings

The idea in which you can be killed on disagreeing
The idea which makes you believe in some kind of supernatural being.

I will never believe in that Idea.

“The reason I don’t want to believe is not because I have known the truth every other person is talking about… but because I don’t want that truth. I don’t even know that there is some kind of truth.”

Because truth can be relative.
Your truth can be someone else’s lie.

“If there is any truth, I don’t want it to be heard from you. I want to struggle for my own truth. Because struggle is the attribute of the strong.”

Weak people just die.
They either kill themselves..
or believe in somebody else or something else
and are waiting to die.

“By believing in someone else you are physically or mentally dead. I can never want to be one of those people.”

I want to live…
Not only for myself but for others around me.
Not only to earn but to return.
Not only to succeed but also to fail trying.
Not only to rise above the rest but also to fall down and get back up.

“Because you know what… The earth is not that far.”
“If you ever fell down, just get back up, remove the dust and start working again and repeat the process till you get what you want.”

Jai Hind 🇮🇳


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