When I used to look into the mirror a while back I used to see something dying inside of me. 

What I felt:

  • I felt like running away.
  • I felt like I couldn’t do anything. That I was not in control of anything happening around.
  • The world became colorless. There was a grey tone to everything.
  • Even in groups, I would be sitting there but not actually be there…
  • I would be fake laughing (which I have mastered) without knowing what is the point or why are they laughing?
  • There was a sickness I couldn’t get rid of.
  • I felt like I was going through an emotional drought.
  • There was an emptiness inside of me.

Image Source: AJGIEL


… some way in the middle of last year I told myself that enough was enough!

  • I took charge of the situation with the help of some ‘dear’ friends.
  • I started doing stuff.
  • I started meditating.
  • I started reading.
  • I started laughing and sometimes crying.
  • I slept more. Traveled a little.

And here I am…

Still Surviving.

Image Source: Razurichan

Oh! It felt so good.

Just venting out the feelings for the world.

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