One time my dad and I were talking about life and stuff.

He asked me what I wanted to do in life…

Me: Dad, I want to work for India. I will give civil services exam.
Dad: Okay. Good.
Me: But dad, I have a problem. I heard that it costs so much money. Coaching itself costs around ₹100–150k.
Dad: Don’t worry about the money. You go and study. We’ll manage.
Me: But it’s a lot….
Dad: No more buts. I have one Fixed Deposit. We will break that and get you the required sum.

*I couldn’t say anything after that.*

Our dads know what needs to broken, Dreams or Fixed Deposits.

We just don’t realize the sacrifices they are making to make us a better human.


I got my eyes welled up even writing about that now.

Thanks For Reading!

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