An eight-month-old baby was raped in Indian capital few days ago.

Yes. An eight-month-old baby girl.

The inception of 2018 has been really bad for girls in the Indian subcontinent.
Many such cases of brutal rape have been reported earlier in Pakistan, then back to back cases in Haryana and now this…

These appalling cases of young girls getting raped are not stopping.
These brutes are not even leaving 8-month-old babies.

I don’t understand their pathetic mentality.

I just want to raise one question:
Was it her fault?
Because I know this for a fact that she was not calling it upon herself. She was not in a short dress. She was not drunk. She had not even started to enjoy her life.

I don’t know!! Maybe it was her fault. Because she was a girl!!

How many more reasons do we need to save our daughters, our sisters from these wolves?

An excerpt from another post:
Today, I am ashamed of being a human,
Because of the acts of men like that demon.
Who don’t even think before bleaching a rainbow,
Because their ego is too big,
To understand a simple word ‘NO’

We need to Wake up and Speak up against these atrocities before they consume every living being around us.

My eyes welled up after listening to this:

Rj Naved’s When Will This Stop???

Sad Day For Humanity!

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