It’s atrocious, bitter and discouraging. It’s like committing a crime.

Please don’t get me wrong. I can prove it…

This is Atlee Kumar.

He is a really good Tamil director with movies like Theri, Mersal.

I got this very image on WhatsApp with this caption:

A mother to his son: Put a cup full of water on the roof during summer time will get you a beautiful wife.



The son with darker skin put ‘Rasna’ instead of water. And this was the result.’

He is a star but still facing the discrimination. Just try to understand the plight of the common man/woman.

(‘Rasna’ fruit-flavored drink like ‘Tang’)

I don’t understand why having a darker complexion is such a bad thing?

I sometimes ask myself this question:

Is India the most racist, sexist, casteist and classist country in the world?

The answer I get is infuriating.

Yes, we have diversity but we are very far from attaining unity.

Because it is not unity when we treat people from other religion, region and color as aliens in their native country.

Spread Peace Not Hatred!


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