I went shopping last week.

We were wandering store to store, outlet to outlet. (We = Me and my Friend)

Then, by mistake, we went inside a store called Forever 21 which doesn’t have a male section in it.

Because of our lack of experience in shopping, we didn’t know that fact.

We went deep inside looking for gents section, and then it hit us that it was female only.

Now one salesperson reached us with a weird look.

we were quite confused ourselves…

Then before she could say something, I asked her to show us something for my mother.

My friend was shocked at how I handled the situation. Which, by the way, also salvaged us from becoming a laughing stock.

And I think, that’s what common sense is…

That day, I used this practical judgment to get out of an embarrassing situation.

Although that cost us some rupees.

But we get to surprise our mother with a gift.

After looking at her smile, this kind of embarrassing encounter turned out to be a success.



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