What Is Poverty?


Poverty is a disease.
It doesn’t let many live with ease.
It is a sickness with no cure.
It makes the future insecure.

Poverty is suffering and hunger.
Life is tiring with no shelter.

Poverty is powerlessness
It is what makes you lose your child to illness.
Poverty is a dearth of representations…
An abundance of need,
A lack of the ability to read.

It is not being able to reach school
to find the tool
and get out of this whirlpool.
which is nothing but wrathful.

I hope this poem will make you glum
but people please don’t succumb
and try to change this evil custom
because poverty is nothing but the dearth of freedom.



The fears I live with.

I fear to live in the society now-a-days….

I fear to look at a female because she might report me at some police station that I was trying to molest.

I fear sitting, walking beside a female because what if I brush by her accidentally and she blames me for teasing her.

I fear to approach a girl. That is because I am introverted/shy. It has nothing to do with the above-mentioned fears.

These are the fears which make my life ‘not normal’.


The Encounter with the Girl in a Gunny Sack

*The Encounter with the Girl in a Gunny Sack*

I was passing by a construction site today.

A government hospital is being built in our neighborhood. The encounter I had just shook me to the core. There was a tree in there on which a gunny sack was hanging with a crying baby inside. The baby looked no more than a week old.

I kept staring…

After a minute or two, I saw a lady running towards me. Talking to her, I realized that it was a baby girl and she was the mother. She had delivered her two days earlier.

I urged her to take some rest and take care of her baby.

She said, I can only do one thing right now, either I can look after her now or I can feed her in the night. I choose to feed her. After all, I am her mother…

I could say nothing as she hurried back to work. She was afraid that she would lose her job.

I put the small sum I had in my wallet in the gunny sack with the hope that she and her baby would not sleep hungry for at least a couple of nights.

What do you think the future holds for her?

I think….

She will learn to look after herself at a very early age. She will know hunger and paucity. She might not go to school as her parents are laborers. She might be forced into child labor to support her family.

I am not stating any prophecy for that child. I don’t want her to live like that but that’s how most of the poverty-stricken live their lives.

In the dearth of opportunities.

Seeing the extent of poverty in my country made me cry.


-Bharat Dhawan

Encounter with a kind Rickshaw Puller

*Encounter with a kind Rickshaw Puller**

I was walking down the road just to change my mood and relax my nerves. I saw, someone coming from the opposite side and giving the rickshaw puller some food. I was not shocked to see that because in India, some people don’t like to waste the food and when the food is left they gave it to the needy.

This story is not about the person who gave the food to the rickshaw puller this is about the rickshaw puller himself.

When that person is gone, he looked around and saw another rickshaw puller. He, with the food in his one hand, approached that fellow, and asked him if he was hungry. The other man replied in the affirmative. He then offered him half of the food given to him, came back and started eating his share in silence.

When he was done, I approached him and asked him, “Weren’t you hungry, pal?”

He: I was… I haven’t had anything from the morning.

Me: Is he your friend?

He: No. I just came in this town few days back. I know why are you asking? You want to know why I gave him the food?

Well, I was curious to know why??

He: I don’t know that he was hungry too. I asked him and he said yes so I shared the food with him. He was here before me. It’s his spot. I am new here. If I hadn’t been here today that guy would have given the food to him. I accepted the help because I was hungry. And I just couldn’t eat without asking him.

I was astounded with the answer.

I had no reply.

I was in tears, but I tried not to show him.

I shook hands with the man with some sort of pride in his actions and moved on thinking about the lesson I just learned from him.

I had everything I can dream of yet I don’t share it with my own family, but that rickshaw puller who had so little to offer and he didn’t think once before sharing it with others.

Moral of the story: Don’t wait till you achieve something to help others just do it now with as little or as much as you have.

You won’t get any poor by giving.


Darkness vs Light

There is darkness inside of me
I don’t know where
But it is somewhere.
It is telling me to quit.
To stop doing it.
And then
feel bad about it.
I don’t listen to the dark me.
Because I know
it won’t let me be.

But there too is light.
Though, not that bright.
Sometimes it gets lost.
Sometimes I find it.
Whenever I do, I ask it to stay,
To show me the way.
That makes me stay on the path,
to avoid the wrath,
and make sure everything is good,
in the aftermath!

Yes, they are both in me.
Staying on the opposite ends.
Like Yin and Yang.
They don’t meet.
Because they know, they will fight.
And darkness fears to lose it to the light.
So both are there on the opposite side.
maybe that’s good…
maybe that’s necessary to survive.
maybe that is what keeping me alive.

My Country India.

My Country India

With the stroke of midnight hour,
We made a tryst with destiny,
A nation born which was ours.
And being Indian was now our identity.

With a new life, a new idea,
Was born my country INDIA.

The tricolor is up and high,
Still, there were tears in the eye,
Remembering the struggle of those who bled,
With their blood, they color its thread.
To remember their struggle, their demise,
And to ensure our future a better sunrise,
Some new pledges and promises were made,
On them, the foundation of our Nation was laid.

With a golden pen, writing a new saga
Will reach heights my country INDIA.

70 years have passed now,
We harvest more than what we sow,
A few promises were fulfilled,
A lot not, though,
New ideas, new obligations are required,
From the struggle and sufferings, they should be inspired.
Teachings of Gandhi, Nehru, we should embody,
Mixing them with youth’s will and audacity,
We can write a harmonious melody.

With a new awakening, a new era
Will keep rising my country INDIA.

I salute the mother, this nation of mine,
With the hope in my heart,
That this generation will not get malign.
Saying all that, I am putting my pen to rest.
Because I only want My INDIA to be better than the best.

May this dawn of many millennia,
Will never leave my country INDIA.


I cry a lot these days…

I cry a lot these days.

When I see the pain in my mother’s eyes,
I cry.
When I see a father sacrificing his dreams,
I cry.
When I see a soul suffering in his shell,
I cry.
When I see some child with future not well,
I cry.
When I see people getting killed in the name of honor,
I cry.
When I see a girl’s mind filled with horror,
I cry.
When people fight over religion and caste,
I cry.
Basically, when I see something unfortunate,
I cry.

I cry a lot these days.

I also cry,
When I hug my mom after a long time.
I also cry,
When I want the feelings to flow.
I also cry,
When someone helps someone in stress.
I also cry,
When I see hard work paying off success.

I cry a lot these days.

Sometime in worry,
Sometime in joy,
Sometimes in distress,
Sometimes to express,
Sometimes when I feel blessed,
And sometimes because I f*ing want to.

Courage Is To Be Able To Cry.



What is Common Sense???

I went shopping last week.

We were wandering store to store, outlet to outlet. (We = Me and my Friend)

Then, by mistake, we went inside a store called Forever 21 which doesn’t have a male section in it.

Because of our lack of experience in shopping, we didn’t know that fact.

We went deep inside looking for gents section, and then it hit us that it was female only.

Now one salesperson reached us with a weird look.

we were quite confused ourselves…

Then before she could say something, I asked her to show us something for my mother.

My friend was shocked at how I handled the situation. Which, by the way, also salvaged us from becoming a laughing stock.

And I think, that’s what common sense is…

That day, I used this practical judgment to get out of an embarrassing situation.

Although that cost us some rupees.

But we get to surprise our mother with a gift.

After looking at her smile, this kind of embarrassing encounter turned out to be a success.



What is it like to be a dark-skinned person in India?

It’s atrocious, bitter and discouraging. It’s like committing a crime.

Please don’t get me wrong. I can prove it…

This is Atlee Kumar.

He is a really good Tamil director with movies like Theri, Mersal.

I got this very image on WhatsApp with this caption:

A mother to his son: Put a cup full of water on the roof during summer time will get you a beautiful wife.



The son with darker skin put ‘Rasna’ instead of water. And this was the result.’

He is a star but still facing the discrimination. Just try to understand the plight of the common man/woman.

(‘Rasna’ fruit-flavored drink like ‘Tang’)

I don’t understand why having a darker complexion is such a bad thing?

I sometimes ask myself this question:

Is India the most racist, sexist, casteist and classist country in the world?

The answer I get is infuriating.

Yes, we have diversity but we are very far from attaining unity.

Because it is not unity when we treat people from other religion, region and color as aliens in their native country.

Spread Peace Not Hatred!


Story Of My Depression.

The Story Of My Depression.

Will you let me take you on a ride?
It is bumpy as hell…
But I will always look good from that side.
Sometimes I feel fine,
But other times I want to yell.
It is the story of my depression in a nutshell.

Please stay safe and vigilant,
While reading this piece.
Because it might trigger some sentiments,
Which can easily ruin your peace.

It is a tale of that time…
When the world looked colorless,
Everything took a grayish tone,
And I was left with the sins I couldn’t atone.
It was the time…
When my body felt bloodless,
And I helpless.

I wanted to just run away,
Abandon this path to make a new way.
Which, obviously, I was not able to do,
Maybe I didn’t like that view too.

There was this consistent sadness,
Which forbade the emotions to flow.
There too was this sickness,
Which I just couldn’t overthrow.

I was in a windowless cage,
From there I couldn’t get out.
Accumulating all this rage,
That I couldn’t let out.

All my friendships obliterate,
Leaving just a few behind.
Those three lifted some of the weight,
And helped me empty my mind.

Let me tell you one thing guys,
I am not here to advertise.
This is what I felt on the inside;
My hands felt numb and my legs tied.

But I always kept telling myself,
That the hard time will soon pass.
You will again feel like yourself
Just let a person or two trespass.

It might not be the emotion,
Many souls will relate.
Some might understand the impression,
These lines are trying to expatiate.

This is all I am ready to confess,
From the times when I was in the stress.


Thanks For Reading!

Dad and Daughter!!!

A father was talking to his daughter,

“How much do you love papa?”, He asked.

“This Much.” The daughter answered arms outstretched.

That night the father slept in peace.

He now knows someone will be there with him his whole life.

And earlier, He thought that infinity was not measurable…


A Short-Short-Story.



Living the life with one REGRET.


When I first saw her,
I felt something.
She might not be the most good looking one for many,
but I liked her.
People might look at her and think she’s fat,
but I couldn’t see any.
People wanted to stay away from her,
but I wanted to stay close.
I only live with one regret in life…
That I couldn’t say anything to her.
Now I want to forget her,
Because she has found her happiness.
I just want to know one thing.
How should I forget my happiness?



Reading! (A Poem)


You are not reading this by accident
that’s not a mistake
go and thank your teacher
because it is because of her
you are able to
because it was him
who taught this to you
You are not reading by accident.
it is given to you for a purpose
so don’t take it for granted.

P.S. It’s written in 5 minutes. Don’t mind the quality. I am yet to refine, remold and re-write it


The roles I play…

The roles I play…

Oxygen In Carbon-dioxide out

Just a step at a time

1000s of thoughts but no two chime

Faking it most of the time

Left that when I was nine

Always acting my way out.

Too little to handle

Only to see the next morning

No. Not at all

Yeah. Now and then

Barely keeping myself alive

Oh! Yeah. A little day by day






We all know Valentine’s day is approaching,,,
And the goons of Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena are going to wake up soon from their slumber.

These are the events listed on Facebook:

(Look at the date. And look at the people interested.)

In the name of saving Indian Culture (which is only Hindutva, in their opinion), they are actually ruining it.

I am sure, they don’t know this Hindu concept either:

Sarva Dharma Sama Bhava: “All religions are the same”

They just prove it every time that they are people with misplaced ideas of “culture”.

Bajrang Dal’s slogan is “service, safety and culture”.
That is quite ironical because they have threatened the very notion of public safety in regions where they work, and the only culture they espouse is one of violence and irrationality.

I sometimes think that all their rage is because they can’t have a girlfriend which makes them roam freely around the neighborhood and just disturb others who do.

I want to urge this to fellow Indians, if they see these stupid people disturbing the peace and roaming with sticks to beat others, please take a stand.

Report these events on Facebook or complaint about them in the police station.

Because the victims are not only the people, the constitution also suffers at the hands of such people.



When Will This Stop???

An eight-month-old baby was raped in Indian capital few days ago.

Yes. An eight-month-old baby girl.

The inception of 2018 has been really bad for girls in the Indian subcontinent.
Many such cases of brutal rape have been reported earlier in Pakistan, then back to back cases in Haryana and now this…

These appalling cases of young girls getting raped are not stopping.
These brutes are not even leaving 8-month-old babies.

I don’t understand their pathetic mentality.

I just want to raise one question:
Was it her fault?
Because I know this for a fact that she was not calling it upon herself. She was not in a short dress. She was not drunk. She had not even started to enjoy her life.

I don’t know!! Maybe it was her fault. Because she was a girl!!

How many more reasons do we need to save our daughters, our sisters from these wolves?

An excerpt from another post:
Today, I am ashamed of being a human,
Because of the acts of men like that demon.
Who don’t even think before bleaching a rainbow,
Because their ego is too big,
To understand a simple word ‘NO’

We need to Wake up and Speak up against these atrocities before they consume every living being around us.

My eyes welled up after listening to this:

Rj Naved’s When Will This Stop???

Sad Day For Humanity!

My Dad and My Dreams!

One time my dad and I were talking about life and stuff.

He asked me what I wanted to do in life…

Me: Dad, I want to work for India. I will give civil services exam.
Dad: Okay. Good.
Me: But dad, I have a problem. I heard that it costs so much money. Coaching itself costs around ₹100–150k.
Dad: Don’t worry about the money. You go and study. We’ll manage.
Me: But it’s a lot….
Dad: No more buts. I have one Fixed Deposit. We will break that and get you the required sum.

*I couldn’t say anything after that.*

Our dads know what needs to broken, Dreams or Fixed Deposits.

We just don’t realize the sacrifices they are making to make us a better human.


I got my eyes welled up even writing about that now.

Thanks For Reading!

I remember the times I was bullied.


I remember this one time,
Someone just come,
And stapled my shirt.
He didn’t just stop there,
And then started to blurt.
I remember a few pierced my skin,
Seven-year-old me bled a little.
The words were still the harshest than the pins,
And those were also brutal.
I easily coped with the pain which was corporal,
I couldn’t stop the bleeding he started which was mental.

I remember the other time when I was slapped.
My hands froze and my thinking just stopped.
I remember I was stunned with the blow.
But for fellow classmates, I didn’t put up a show.
I just went out, sat down and cried in my mind…
With the shattered glasses in my hand,
Sitting with the impaired confidence in the sand,
With no one by my side to listen to and to understand.

I remember you calling me freak and dumb,
Because I always used to feel weak and numb.
I remember you calling me stupid and weak,
But I was too scared to speak.

Yes, I was hurt for a while,
Then I started to smile.
Sometimes I struggled to survive,
But I never left hope and stayed alive.

I was beaten, tormented or sometimes teased,
Left with the wounds from all those sufferings,
But you know what I never received,
The apologies from you for doing those things.

Now I don’t want one…
I am serious.
I am done.



I remember the times I was bullied.

I remember the times I was bullied.

I remember this one time,
Someone just come,
And stapled my shirt.
He didn’t just stop there,
And then started to blurt.
I remember a few pierced my skin,
Seven-year-old me bled a little.
The words were still the harshest than the pins,
And those were also brutal.
I easily coped with the pain which was corporal,
I couldn’t stop the bleeding he started which was mental.

I remember the other time when I was slapped.
My hands froze and my thinking just stopped.
I remember I was stunned with the blow.
But for fellow classmates, I didn’t put up a show.
I just went out, sat down and cried in my mind…
With the shattered glasses in my hand,
Sitting with the impaired confidence in the sand,
With no one by my side to listen to and to understand.

I remember you calling me freak and dumb,
Because I always used to feel weak and numb.
I remember you calling me stupid and weak,
But I was too scared to speak.

Yes, I was hurt for a while,
Then I started to smile.
Sometimes I struggled to survive,
But I never left hope and stayed alive.

I was beaten, tormented or sometimes teased,
Left with the wounds from all those sufferings,
But you know what I never received,
The apologies from you for doing those things.

Now I don’t want one…
I am serious.
I am done.

I have been thinking lately…

I have been thinking lately…
The journey I have had.
The times which were happy,
And those when I was sad.

The list is in the millions…
Of the roles that I have played.
With the choices, I was given…
And the decisions I have made.

Some were out of fear,
Which I want you to hear.
So that you will never repeat,
And save yourself one defeat.

Some were out of pride,
Their outcomes were satisfied.
But I was still vilified…
Because that’s how people decide.

Some because I was told to…
Actually, those were only a few,
Because deep down I always knew,
That those will never let me grew.

Some out of shame,
Because of the confidence I couldn’t attain.
For those only I am to blame.

Some of them stayed with me,
Either briefly or permanently.
But not a single one I regret…
I think that should be my epithet.

If I were ever given a chance…
I will repeat all those things again,
Because it’s not about the ending,
But the struggle and the pain.
It’s not about the happiness,
It’s about having contentedness.

All of this was about ‘being who you are’…
Without worrying about the scar, you got in the war.

Don’t ever listen to others…

They will never let you believe,
The things you badly want to achieve.

Never ever quench the fire inside of you…
Because that will always make you stand out of the queue.


P.S. Out of all the poetry penned down by me up until now… This one is the closest to my heart.

Jai Hind.

A Butterfly (Zainab)

Last month, a young girl got raped and killed in my neighbor country Pakistan.

I feel terrible.
There had been many similar cases in India as well. All are equally shocking, disturbing and terrifying.

Her name was Zainab. She was not even eight.

I wrote a poem which I want to share:

A Butterfly (Zainab)

Today, I saw a butterfly,
On the top of a garbage heap.
She was not flittering,
Neither was she meandering
She was not even moving.
It looked like she was asleep,
And that sleep was really really deep.

I wanted to ask her,
What she was doing here?
But she could not answer,
as she was lying dead there.

She might have given the answer;
That her dreams were shattered,
When a brute laid eyes on her.
That same wolf brutally raped her,

What happened to her was horrifying,
She must have been crying,
when she was dying.
For her, that had been a long night,
She must have screamed that it wasn’t right.

Maybe she was also praying,
to her god, to her Allah,
She must have begged for help,
The help which she never got.

Today, I am ashamed of being a human,
Because of the acts of men like that demon.
Who don’t even think before bleaching a rainbow,
Because their ego is too big,
To understand a simple word ‘NO’

I am quite sure…
That a little humanity died along with her.
Reading this story filled with tremor,
Many butterflies will tremble and shiver.
They will refuse the metamorphosis.
And will always want to stay as a caterpillar.

We need to Wake up and Speak up against these atrocities.

Justice for Zainab.

Justice for every girl brutally raped.


I want to touch million hearts with my writings and actions. I always write with that goal in my mind.


Zainab, Nirbhaya and girls like Gudia will always be in our hearts.

Forever and Ever.


The feelings I used to have…

When I used to look into the mirror a while back I used to see something dying inside of me. 

What I felt:

  • I felt like running away.
  • I felt like I couldn’t do anything. That I was not in control of anything happening around.
  • The world became colorless. There was a grey tone to everything.
  • Even in groups, I would be sitting there but not actually be there…
  • I would be fake laughing (which I have mastered) without knowing what is the point or why are they laughing?
  • There was a sickness I couldn’t get rid of.
  • I felt like I was going through an emotional drought.
  • There was an emptiness inside of me.

Image Source: AJGIEL


… some way in the middle of last year I told myself that enough was enough!

  • I took charge of the situation with the help of some ‘dear’ friends.
  • I started doing stuff.
  • I started meditating.
  • I started reading.
  • I started laughing and sometimes crying.
  • I slept more. Traveled a little.

And here I am…

Still Surviving.

Image Source: Razurichan

Oh! It felt so good.

Just venting out the feelings for the world.

Quotes from The Secret Letters by Robin Sharma

The Secret Letters from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma

My Review: 7/10

For me, It was A delightful read.

The books like these always tell you the things you know but in the way you don’t know…

This book tells the story of an engineer who wants to reach a higher level in his career but kind of neglecting the things around him. The story is about the journey he takes around the world to collect these letters for Julian (the monk who sold his Ferrari). The secret letters as mentioned in the title are the Talisman letters which contains wisdom and a wise outlook in life.

What I liked about this book is the 9 key message it give. These are:

1) The Power of Authenticity.

2) Embrace Your Fears.

3) Live With Kindness.

4) Make Small Daily Progress.

5) To Lead Your Best Life, Do Your Best Work.

6) Choose The Influences Well.

7) Life’s Simplest Pleasures Are Life’s Greatest Joys.

8) The Purpose Of Life Is To Love.

9) Stand For Something Bigger Than Yourself.

Buy it here:

Robin Sharma: Amazon.in: Kindle Store
Secret Letters : A Fable About Living Your Best Life from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Here are the quotes from the book:

  • One of the best gift we can give ourselves is to get rid of our excuses.
  • Things are seldom simple than what they appear to be.
  • Most of what we understand about people is just the surface stuff. That is a sad thing. But that is not the saddest thing, the saddest thing is that this is often all we understand about ourselves; that so often, we live our neighbor’s life, instead of our own.
  • Night hides many things but reveals others. Some things often looks magical at night but humdrum during the day. And yet both versions are equally real. I suppose that is why it is never a good idea to make quick judgments about things. It takes a long time to really get to know places, people, even ourselves.
  • We grow fearless by doing the things we fear. Doing things that frighten you make life less scary in the long run.
  • It doesn’t matter where you are going, just who you are becoming.
  • The rules that we have been raised with seem natural, obvious and even logical. It is not until we start seeing our behavior through the eyes of another culture that we begin to question it or to wonder.
  • Our daily behaviors broadcast our deepest believes.
  • People need Patience. People need to build things slowly, one brick at a time and as much as we would love to achieve things quickly, it is not the way our world works. Genius is a process.
  • Every big dream starts small.
  • If you don’t know the road ahead. Just concentrate on the steps before you. Slowly but surely you will figure out the next steps.
  • Small daily Improvements can lead to great things.
  • The tiniest of actions is always greater than the boldest of intentions.
  • The result always speak louder than the words.
  • There’s nothing like a little reality to make you re-calibrate your expectations.
  • The poor everywhere have fewer life choices. They can’t always enjoy the life’s simple things because they are working too hard to stave off hunger and suffering.
  • Lasting happiness comes from the size of our impact, not from the extent of our income.
  • Real fulfillment is the product of value we create and and contributions we made, not of the car we drive and the house we buy.
  • Self-worth is more important than net-worth.
  • The most powerful healing is anywhere people are. It isn’t confined to a place or time or a circumstance.
  • The best way to evaluate someone’s greatness is to look at the strength of the person’s influence on the generation that follow.
  • If we are truly interested in rising into rare air as human beings, instead of ‘what’s in it for me?’ we should be asking ‘what’s in it for the world?’
  • What we all need to do is look ahead 5 years to predict what things in our current life we will most regret. Then we must take actions today to prevent regrets from being realized.
  • You can’t move forward while looking back. And there is nothing you can do to change the past.

These are all the quotes my little mind could get this time. Hope you will learn something.

Happy Reading!

Buy it here:

Robin Sharma: Amazon.in: Kindle Store
Secret Letters : A Fable About Living Your Best Life from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

An Indirect Prose on Spiritual Leaders nowadays

From last many days, I was having problems in seeing things clearly. I went to an optometrist he gave me a pair of glasses.

I try those on. Still, the problem remains. I told my problem to the guy who gave me those. “I still can’t see a thing” I said.

“Bro, you have to think positive. You have to believe in the glasses. Those glasses worked for me perfectly well. You know why they worked on me because I believed. I knew they would work. The guy who gave it to me is a true genius. He can’t do anything wrong to me. I believe in him also.” He replied

“Well, I am positively sure that I can’t see a thing. I am trying too. I still am not able to see anything.” I stated, feeling confused

“I have done so much for you, still you are not thanking me. You are not ready to see clearly. You have to introspect first to see things clearly.” He said in a loud voice.

“You think I am not trying. Maybe it is not meant for me.” I replied feeling dumb

“This is where you are wrong, I gave those to millions of people all are satisfied because they didn’t question. I know what’s the problem. You are just being pessimistic and bleak. Stop doing that you will start seeing with clarity.” He chides.

I stopped talking and went out. I was still wondering; how could I have improved myself in seeing clearly with those bad glasses. If it is in my power to see clearly, then I would not have needed the glasses. I would have introspected earlier and seen things the way I wanted to. What is the point going to an optometrist??


P.S. I wrote this prose after discussing with an ardent follower of India’s one of the many spiritual leaders. The thing I tried to explain in this prose is what those people (Spiritual Leaders) are doing, they are trying to give the same medicine to all of their followers. Even a real medical doctor can’t do that… He knows the same medicine can react to someone and can work wonders for others. After thinking this I stopped feling dumb and start living life in present but not in life after that.

Take the Leap for Future.

In life, time and again you will find yourself in the situation in which you will feel stuck between the devil and the deep sea. This article will help you at that particular moment. At that time everything seems far and you can’t think of anything to get yourself out of the situation. At that time, what you need to do is just take a few seconds of calmness, think clearly and then take the leap of faith with the faith in your dream. Because you are what your dream is, you are what you want to be. Think about that for a moment.

To achieve that something you have always cherished in your lived life to do in your life to come, you only have one option ahead of you. What you have to do is create your space, turn your ship in the direction you want it to go. Fight those tides, those adverse conditions and most importantly your emotions. Most of the people during the time of making their own way, go with the flow. But they didn’t realize that the flow is not going where you want to go. The flow will move you towards a more difficult direction and from that direction, your destination will seem farther than it ever was.

Never ever listen to others, sometimes not even your elders or the most experienced ones, if you don’t feel like it. Take the wisdom from them, utilize their knowledge and listen to their experience, but you don’t have to follow their experience. Because they and you are different and they don’t realize that now, they will once you show them. To succeed, you have to have your experiences. You have to have your own share of failures and disappointments. You have to learn things yourself. Figure out yourself what can you do more and what more is needed to reach the ultimate goal you are trying to achieve. That’s the best way and that’s the only way.

Make your own destiny. Only you can. Nobody else is going to move your ship, but you. You have to understand what works for you and what doesn’t. What I am trying to say is that we all have something special in us, we just have to find it, we just have to realize it.

And how will we find it?? By believing in ourselves and when you do, just follow your gut wherever it takes you. And trust me on this, it will not lead you to nowhere, it also needs food so it will never let you sleep hungry.

“We were born liberated, don’t put yourself in shackles now.”

Just make the jump, take the leap and do something for yourself different from others. Mark my words, you will be successful one day and happiness will always be there during the process and after. You just have to do what you desire the most. And you can do just by moving in the different direction and just by realizing your true inner passion.

Jai Hind 🇮🇳

It’s not going to be easy.

Most people start doing things with this notion in their mind that it is going to be easy. They will achieve what they want with the minimal efforts. Well, if you think like those people that you can fly through turbulence or sail through harsh waters without trying hard. Then my friend just ‘Forget about it.’ Don’t even think that it will come to you easily. What you have to do is feel the struggle, toil hard, get injured in the process, endure everything which is between you and your goal. This period of pain will be replaced by happiness one day. This period of turmoil will be replaced by success one day.

To realize your dream which you have dreamt sleeping last night, last month or last year; you have to change your mindset today, tomorrow and every day. Just make yourself believe that if it was easy, everyone will do it, everyone will reach the top. But you have to think that the top position is not reserved for everyone, it is for the people who grind, who make themselves believe that they have the courage enough to go for it and make it happen.

Without enduring the pain, you will not gain. But I can guarantee you that if you outlast every hurdle, every hardship and every blockage that comes your way; you will, one day, see the world from the top. And trust me on this, it is beautiful out there. It’s just one extra push, one extra problem, one extra step to go. Just keep pressing, just keep pushing yourself, just keep going forward. One day at a time, one step at a time. It was never going to be easy, it was supposed to be challenging. Embrace the pain. Don’t shy away from it. Then guess what… One day it will be your day. You will reach the point where you always wanted to reach.

Jai Hind 🇮🇳

Stop Caring ‘What They Think’

I usually don’t care about what people think of me (how I look, how I walk and how I talk) I don’t do things for them. I do things for me. I only care how much the decision I am going to make will affect me. If it is going to improve my level and help me grow in any way. Then and only then I will be taking that decision or making that choice.

I don’t know why people put others feelings before themselves. I just can’t do that. I have my own priority list. For me, my nation always comes first after that my family and then my close friends who I admire as my family. No one else matters to me.
When you don’t care about others, your productivity and your happiness level will automatically increase.

The three reasons to stop caring are:

  1. First, You will always be doing the right thing because you will only be doing it for you.
  2. Second, when you do things for yourself, you do it with your heart. And when you do it with your heart, the quality will be foremost always. Also, in the end, you will feel contended and happy.
  3. Third, even if the outcome or the quality is not as you expected it, you will not even care about it. Because you didn’t do it to prove something to anyone. You did that only for your reasons.

So, try this once even for one small thing in your life, don’t care about others (their feelings or their opinion). Do that thing for yourself. Change Yourself You will feel the difference.

Jai Hind 🇮🇳


The leaders we need.

Though I am pessimistic and bleak most of the time, but I still feel optimistic about my country’s future. I still think that there is hope. As the saying goes, “Where there is a will, there is a way” But whose WILL?? Ours? Or our Leader’s??
The answer to that question will be: first we have feel and fulfil our responsibility then and only then we can question others. We have no right to blame others without doing our part. And after doing what you are supposed to do, you gain for yourself the right to ask questions. And it’s not only your right, it’s your responsibility. You should demand what is rightfully yours.
But demand from whom? These leaders who are so selfish that they only think about themselves. Well, you elected them and you have this right to demand the right thing till the time it is accepted. We can demand them to take us where we want to go. But the problem, as it seems to me, begin when they don’t. When they lead us to the place where they want us to go. Where things do not improve and we feel cheated to vote them. Sill they want us to keep coming back and board the same train of which they are only drivers. When they start feeling that they can easily deceive people and those same people will always come back to them again and again. This is when the leaders become something else, they become politicians.

From now on, people should start differentiating leaders from politicians and stop giving power to politicians and start empowering leaders.


Jai Hind 🇮🇳

I have noticed a thing that might help you

I have noticed a thing about myself that I am not that kind of person who believes in one idea. I keep on changing my views, my thoughts and my beliefs. And I now think that it’s a really good trait to have because if you are not changing then you are not growing, you are only standing still. It’s just a simple, natural phenomenon that still water started to stink after some time. Having only one thought for life, one idea for life is like still water, microorganisms will grow in it and it will become unsuitable to use.

So, try new things every day. Grow some experience about things, people and places. Meet new people. Travel around the world while you still can. If you ever feel stuck anywhere, move on, you are not a tree.

Jai Hind 🇮🇳

‘What I think’ about ‘What People Think’

People don’t know what you are feeling, how you are feeling or why you are feeling something. But all of them will have different-different analogies of the situation they think you are in. They think that they know you very well, actually more than you know yourself. Still, they feel that you are faking it.

Let them think that. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. You know you are trying. You know that you are trying your ass off to get yourself out of the situation that you have put yourself in.
You only need to change your behavior. You may not know more things than the other guys, but you have known yourself more than everyone else. And you know that you are learning. You will always be learning, this will every day make you closer to your goal till the day you achieve it.

You desperately want to be there from where you can inspire people, from where you can touch lives, from where you can make your surroundings and your country a better place to live in. You might not have all the resources even as many as others might have, but you have your will power and you are willing to work hard for your goal. This and only this will help. This and only this will make you a better human being. You just have to know that you can.

Jai Hind 🇮🇳

I should Change Myself.

This post is for me. The things I am going to change in me. From the past 12 days, I have been meditating daily for at least 20-30 minutes and that has done wonders for me. Before I started this blog, I was a different person. Now I can feel that I have changed a bit. But to maximize the change and improve my behavior and thought process, I have decided to do some more things.

I will not let anyone decide anything for me.

I will not share my views with anyone.

I will not share my feelings.

I was strong before, I can become strong now, I will be stronger from now on…

I don’t care what people think of me, even those whom I call friends.

I want to be left alone. I don’t want many people in my life but I have to be with some because I can never be rude, even if it costs me my peace of mind. I should think of a way in which I can stay away without being disturbed.

I will only focus on one thing in my life. And will try my very best to achieve that thing.

Fuck everyone who is coming in the way.

I will regularly say a few things to myself – “I am strong. I have to do this. I can do this. And I will never let anyone disturb my inner peace.”

I can do things myself. I just have to realize my potential. The other person I am relying on has only known me for few years, months, days or minutes. I have known myself since birth. I can change and I will change myself.


Jai Hind 🇮🇳

Post Preference order for SSC CGL

I am writing this post to impart the knowledge I have on various posts of Group B and C for which SSC conduct the exam. I have talked to various persons working on these posts. I gave the SSC CGL 2016 in which I scored 168/200 in preliminary examination and 319/400 in mains examination (Maths-171 and English-148) Though I was expecting more in maths paper, but it’s okay now and I have 990 AIR (Unofficial) for Tier 1 and Tier 2.
We had to fill the post preference again during DV so I asked various persons about their experience of working on that particular post.
The first thing all of them said is that the post preference only depends on your goals and requirements. So choose accordingly.
I am giving sample Post preference after contemplating on the various aspects and parameters.
The parameters I looked for while making my Post Preference are:

  1. Type of Work
  2. Amount of work
  3. Salary and benefits
  4. Promotions
  5. Posting
  6. Transfers
  7. Desk/Field job
  8. Department

First, I am writing the ideal post preference you should think about putting:

  1. F – Assistant Audit Officer
  2. $ – Assistant Accounts Officer
  3. J – Income Tax Inspector
  4. M – Inspector (Examiner)
  5. L – Inspector (PO)
  6. N – Assistant Enforcement Officer (ED)
  7. E – ASO (MEA)
  8. D – ASO (Railways)
  9. A – ASO (CSS)
  10. G – ASO (AFHQ)
  11. K – Inspector (C. Ex.)
  12. O – Sub Inspector (CBI)
  13. S – Inspector (CBN)
  14. C – ASO (IB)
  15. H – Assistant (Other Minisry-4600 GP)
  16. Q – Divisional Accountant
  17. % – SI (NIA)
  18. # – SI (CBN)
  19. R – JSO (Statistical Investigator)
  20. P – Inspector of Posts
  21. U – Auditor (CGDA)
  22. T – Auditor (CAG)
  23. V – Auditor (Other Ministry)
  24. W – Accountant/JA (CAG)
  25. X – Accountant/JA (Other Ministry)
  26. Z – TA (CBDT)
  27. @ – TA (CBEC)

Now the second list is for those people who want to only prepare for UPSC after selection:

  1. E – ASO (MEA)
  2. D – ASO (Railways)
  3. A – ASO (CSS)
  4. G – ASO (AFHQ)
  5. N – Assistant Enforcement Officer (ED)
  6. J – Income Tax Inspector
  7. Q – Divisional Accountant
  8. C – ASO (IB)
  9. H – Assistant (Other Minisry-4600 GP)
  10. U – Auditor (CGDA)
  11. T – Auditor (CAG)
  12. V – Auditor (Other Ministry)
  13. W – Accountant/JA (CAG)
  14. X – Accountant/JA (Other Ministry)
  15. Z – TA (CBDT)
  16. @ – TA (CBEC)

The Third list is my list which I gave during my DV:

  1. E – MEA
  2. N – AEO (ED)
  3. J – ITI
  4. A – CSS
  5. D – Railways
  6. B – CVC
  7. G – AFHQ
  8. H – Other Ministry (4600)
  9. Q – DA
  10. M ­- Examiner
  11. L – PO
  12. K – C Ex
  13. S – CBN
  14. I – Other Ministry (4200)
  15. % – NIA
  16. U – Auditor (CGDA)
  17. V – Auditor (CGA)
  18. T – Auditor (CAG)
  19. X – Accountant
  20. W – Accountant (CAG)
  21. Z – TA (CBDT)
  22. @ – TA (CBEC)
  23. Y – UDC

In the end, I just want to say that it’s your choice choose wisely.

Jai Hind 🇮🇳

Why should one be Kind to Others??

Well, it is a rhetorical question to ask. But still, I am trying to answer it to the best of my ability. Before moving towards the ‘why-part’ of this article, I should first write about the ‘what and how part’.

An act of kindness is a gesture of goodwill towards someone irrespective of your and their financial state, mental state and physical state. Random act of kindness can be performed anywhere and at any time.

It can be as simple as waving to someone you see regularly, talking to them or even smiling at them once in a while. It is the way in which you connect to people even for a second or two. Although you are not supposed to spend your money to be kind but you can go out of your way and spend some of your money to make someone else’s day.

Even though every other religion encouraged kindness as the investment of some sort of salvation and every culture in one way or other recognized it as one of the most important traits of human personality. But still in some points of our life, feels easier to be unkind. Life is not easy, it has its own ups and downs and when we are not in our great state when we feel the world is working against us, that time we often tend to be unkind.

It is true, we all are vulnerable in one way or another. As Plato once said, “Be kind, because everyone you meet is fighting their own battle.” Don’t be rude to others because you had a long day. Never used that as an excuse to behave badly.

I don’t feel that people should look for reasons to be kind. But I have formulated what I feel should be the reasons for the people to opt kindness. They are:

  • Be Kind, because an act of caring starts a ripple that comes back to you.
  • Be Kind, because it is the rational thing to do. It makes sense to be kind.
  • Be Kind, because it takes courage to be kind. It is challenging to hold your tongue and speak positively to others.
  • Be Kind, because it is difficult to maintain the level you have reached and with the unkind behavior you are going to other person’s level. Try to bring them to your level instead.
  • Be Kind, because being unkind doesn’t solve anything. That sure as hell complicates the things more.
  • Be Kind, because it feels good to be kind, it is the right thing to do and it reflects who you actually are.

Kindness is something we can all engage in anytime and anywhere. Kindness is a choice. Choose it. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. But kindness for rudeness will spread honor and happiness. Kindness not only makes you feel good but also it makes others feel good too. And in making others feel good, you inspire them to want to do something kind for someone else.

Kindness is contagious, choose it and try it once in a while.

Jai Hind 🇮🇳