The Encounter with the Girl in a Gunny Sack

*The Encounter with the Girl in a Gunny Sack*

I was passing by a construction site today.

A government hospital is being built in our neighborhood. The encounter I had just shook me to the core. There was a tree in there on which a gunny sack was hanging with a crying baby inside. The baby looked no more than a week old.

I kept staring…

After a minute or two, I saw a lady running towards me. Talking to her, I realized that it was a baby girl and she was the mother. She had delivered her two days earlier.

I urged her to take some rest and take care of her baby.

She said, I can only do one thing right now, either I can look after her now or I can feed her in the night. I choose to feed her. After all, I am her mother…

I could say nothing as she hurried back to work. She was afraid that she would lose her job.

I put the small sum I had in my wallet in the gunny sack with the hope that she and her baby would not sleep hungry for at least a couple of nights.

What do you think the future holds for her?

I think….

She will learn to look after herself at a very early age. She will know hunger and paucity. She might not go to school as her parents are laborers. She might be forced into child labor to support her family.

I am not stating any prophecy for that child. I don’t want her to live like that but that’s how most of the poverty-stricken live their lives.

In the dearth of opportunities.

Seeing the extent of poverty in my country made me cry.


-Bharat Dhawan

I cry a lot these days…

I cry a lot these days.

When I see the pain in my mother’s eyes,
I cry.
When I see a father sacrificing his dreams,
I cry.
When I see a soul suffering in his shell,
I cry.
When I see some child with future not well,
I cry.
When I see people getting killed in the name of honor,
I cry.
When I see a girl’s mind filled with horror,
I cry.
When people fight over religion and caste,
I cry.
Basically, when I see something unfortunate,
I cry.

I cry a lot these days.

I also cry,
When I hug my mom after a long time.
I also cry,
When I want the feelings to flow.
I also cry,
When someone helps someone in stress.
I also cry,
When I see hard work paying off success.

I cry a lot these days.

Sometime in worry,
Sometime in joy,
Sometimes in distress,
Sometimes to express,
Sometimes when I feel blessed,
And sometimes because I f*ing want to.

Courage Is To Be Able To Cry.



What is it like to be a dark-skinned person in India?

It’s atrocious, bitter and discouraging. It’s like committing a crime.

Please don’t get me wrong. I can prove it…

This is Atlee Kumar.

He is a really good Tamil director with movies like Theri, Mersal.

I got this very image on WhatsApp with this caption:

A mother to his son: Put a cup full of water on the roof during summer time will get you a beautiful wife.



The son with darker skin put ‘Rasna’ instead of water. And this was the result.’

He is a star but still facing the discrimination. Just try to understand the plight of the common man/woman.

(‘Rasna’ fruit-flavored drink like ‘Tang’)

I don’t understand why having a darker complexion is such a bad thing?

I sometimes ask myself this question:

Is India the most racist, sexist, casteist and classist country in the world?

The answer I get is infuriating.

Yes, we have diversity but we are very far from attaining unity.

Because it is not unity when we treat people from other religion, region and color as aliens in their native country.

Spread Peace Not Hatred!


Story Of My Depression.

The Story Of My Depression.

Will you let me take you on a ride?
It is bumpy as hell…
But I will always look good from that side.
Sometimes I feel fine,
But other times I want to yell.
It is the story of my depression in a nutshell.

Please stay safe and vigilant,
While reading this piece.
Because it might trigger some sentiments,
Which can easily ruin your peace.

It is a tale of that time…
When the world looked colorless,
Everything took a grayish tone,
And I was left with the sins I couldn’t atone.
It was the time…
When my body felt bloodless,
And I helpless.

I wanted to just run away,
Abandon this path to make a new way.
Which, obviously, I was not able to do,
Maybe I didn’t like that view too.

There was this consistent sadness,
Which forbade the emotions to flow.
There too was this sickness,
Which I just couldn’t overthrow.

I was in a windowless cage,
From there I couldn’t get out.
Accumulating all this rage,
That I couldn’t let out.

All my friendships obliterate,
Leaving just a few behind.
Those three lifted some of the weight,
And helped me empty my mind.

Let me tell you one thing guys,
I am not here to advertise.
This is what I felt on the inside;
My hands felt numb and my legs tied.

But I always kept telling myself,
That the hard time will soon pass.
You will again feel like yourself
Just let a person or two trespass.

It might not be the emotion,
Many souls will relate.
Some might understand the impression,
These lines are trying to expatiate.

This is all I am ready to confess,
From the times when I was in the stress.


Thanks For Reading!




We all know Valentine’s day is approaching,,,
And the goons of Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena are going to wake up soon from their slumber.

These are the events listed on Facebook:

(Look at the date. And look at the people interested.)

In the name of saving Indian Culture (which is only Hindutva, in their opinion), they are actually ruining it.

I am sure, they don’t know this Hindu concept either:

Sarva Dharma Sama Bhava: “All religions are the same”

They just prove it every time that they are people with misplaced ideas of “culture”.

Bajrang Dal’s slogan is “service, safety and culture”.
That is quite ironical because they have threatened the very notion of public safety in regions where they work, and the only culture they espouse is one of violence and irrationality.

I sometimes think that all their rage is because they can’t have a girlfriend which makes them roam freely around the neighborhood and just disturb others who do.

I want to urge this to fellow Indians, if they see these stupid people disturbing the peace and roaming with sticks to beat others, please take a stand.

Report these events on Facebook or complaint about them in the police station.

Because the victims are not only the people, the constitution also suffers at the hands of such people.



When Will This Stop???

An eight-month-old baby was raped in Indian capital few days ago.

Yes. An eight-month-old baby girl.

The inception of 2018 has been really bad for girls in the Indian subcontinent.
Many such cases of brutal rape have been reported earlier in Pakistan, then back to back cases in Haryana and now this…

These appalling cases of young girls getting raped are not stopping.
These brutes are not even leaving 8-month-old babies.

I don’t understand their pathetic mentality.

I just want to raise one question:
Was it her fault?
Because I know this for a fact that she was not calling it upon herself. She was not in a short dress. She was not drunk. She had not even started to enjoy her life.

I don’t know!! Maybe it was her fault. Because she was a girl!!

How many more reasons do we need to save our daughters, our sisters from these wolves?

An excerpt from another post:
Today, I am ashamed of being a human,
Because of the acts of men like that demon.
Who don’t even think before bleaching a rainbow,
Because their ego is too big,
To understand a simple word ‘NO’

We need to Wake up and Speak up against these atrocities before they consume every living being around us.

My eyes welled up after listening to this:

Rj Naved’s When Will This Stop???

Sad Day For Humanity!