Last month, a young girl got raped and killed in my neighbor country Pakistan.

I feel terrible.
There had been many similar cases in India as well. All are equally shocking, disturbing and terrifying.

Her name was Zainab. She was not even eight.

I wrote a poem which I want to share:

A Butterfly (Zainab)

Today, I saw a butterfly,
On the top of a garbage heap.
She was not flittering,
Neither was she meandering
She was not even moving.
It looked like she was asleep,
And that sleep was really really deep.

I wanted to ask her,
What she was doing here?
But she could not answer,
as she was lying dead there.

She might have given the answer;
That her dreams were shattered,
When a brute laid eyes on her.
That same wolf brutally raped her,

What happened to her was horrifying,
She must have been crying,
when she was dying.
For her, that had been a long night,
She must have screamed that it wasn’t right.

Maybe she was also praying,
to her god, to her Allah,
She must have begged for help,
The help which she never got.

Today, I am ashamed of being a human,
Because of the acts of men like that demon.
Who don’t even think before bleaching a rainbow,
Because their ego is too big,
To understand a simple word ‘NO’

I am quite sure…
That a little humanity died along with her.
Reading this story filled with tremor,
Many butterflies will tremble and shiver.
They will refuse the metamorphosis.
And will always want to stay as a caterpillar.

We need to Wake up and Speak up against these atrocities.

Justice for Zainab.

Justice for every girl brutally raped.


I want to touch million hearts with my writings and actions. I always write with that goal in my mind.


Zainab, Nirbhaya and girls like Gudia will always be in our hearts.

Forever and Ever.


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